Songhees Implementation of The

First Nations Fiscal Management Act & The First Nations Lands Management Act

Is intended to improve our investment climate, create economic opportunities for our members, attract quality development and encourage business partnerships. The development of laws regulating land use and development, property taxation and financing for infrastructure are tools for Songhees Nation and our members to protect and optimize the value of Songhees land for generations to come.

Lands Management Act Laws

Songhees economic development map

Interest and Consent Requirements Law, 2014
Lands Instrument Law, 2012
Community Input Procedures Law, 2012
Matrimonial Real Property Law, 2012
Songhees Land Code, 2010

Fiscal Management Act Laws

Songhees economic development map

Borrowing Laws, 2013
Taxpayer Representation Law, 2010
Financial Administration Law, 2009
Property Tax Law, 2008
Assessment Law, 2008

Songhees Nation Companies

Songhees Wellness Centre
Salish Sea Industrail Services

Salish Sea Industrial Services Ltd

provides marine industrial services on Vancouver Island including: dredging, pile driving, water and land based construction, maintenance, restoration and deconstruction, marine safety and marine support. Salish Sea is a Registered Aboriginal Business under the Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business. The company is majority aboriginal owned by Songhees Nation and Esquimalt Nation in partnership with Ralmax Contracting Ltd. Salish Sea provides skilled trades and general labour employment training and placement services for the Victoria BC industrial market area. Salish Sea Industrial Services has been awarded the 2014 Joint Venture Award from the BC Aboriginal Business Association.

Songhees Nation Investment Corporation

holds fee simple title to two lots totaling 1.028 hectares acquired through the Incremental Treaty Agreement. 1310 Esquimalt Road is currently available for leasing and 424 Powell Street is leased to Robbins Parking.

Skwin’ang’eth Se’las Development Company

is a partnership between Songhees Nation and Esquimalt Nation and the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority for the purpose of incubating First Nation Business Entities and building business development capacity for Songhees and Esquimalt Nations.

Lekwungen Development Corporation

is in partnership with Kosampson Development Corporation, owned by Esquimalt Nation, for the purpose of holding lands acquired through the Transport Canada Harbour Divestiture Process. Xhamasung Holdings LLP, Skungeenes Holdings LLP and Mutulia Holdings LLP are the Holding Companies created to acquire divested properties.

Xhamasung Holdings LLP

is a limited liability partnership between Songhees and Esquimalt Nations for the purpose of owning a property in Westbay. The lot is currently leased to Westbay Investments for an RV park and parking area.

Skungeenes Holdings LLP

is a limited liability partnership between Songhees and Esquimalt Nations for the purpose of owning the Plumper Bay Waterlot 20 year lease with Transport Canada. A portion of the waterlot is the subject of a short term lease with Salish Sea Industrial Services Ltd for a barge facility.

Mutullia Holdings LLP

is a limited liability partnership between Songhees and Esquimalt Nations for the first right of purchase of the Rock Bay property once federal remediation of the adjacent harbour waters is complete.

Songhees Labour Pool

During the 24 month construction phase of the Songhees Wellness Centre, the Songhees Labour Pool matched community members to labour positions on the construction and finishing crews. Durwest Construction Management ensured that Trades sourced labour from our labour pool. As a result 13 community members received employment. Several positions have become full time permanent jobs with apprenticeship opportunities.

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