Songhees Nation Governance

Organizational Structure

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Finance & Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee carries out a number of financial activities in respect of the financial administration of the Nation. The Committee reviews the draft annual budget, the quarterly financial statements and monitors the financial performance of the Nation.

The Committee is comprised of two Councillors, three Nation members and an independent accountant. The Senior Finance Officer, Director of Operations and financial auditor assist the committee as requested.

The Financial and Audit Committee is the direct link from Council to Community regarding financial administration with the goal of making financial reporting easy to understand and transparent. Each member proudly serves the community in this capacity.

Advisory Groups

The Chief and Council will call upon community members to represent the Nation on advisory committees for specific purposes. The Lekwungen Recreation Centre Committee is an example of an advisory group, which served the Nation for six years and recommended the location, design and use of the Songhees Wellness Centre. Other examples include the Membership Committee and the Housing Committee. Songhees Elders are a source of wisdom and advice.

Songhees Chief and Council

Songhees is governed by a six member elected Chief and Council who act as Leaders, Visionaries, Ambassadors and Advocates for the Nation.

Chief and Council share their responsibility to govern the Nation equally. Any Council decision requires the approval of a quorum of four (4) Council Members. Elections are held every two years. As evidenced by election results since 1957, Songhees has exceptionally stable leadership.

Chief and Council meetings are held twice a month. General Community Meetings are held four times a year with an Annual General Meeting in the fall. Community meetings for special topics are held as needed.

Chief and Council serve the membership by:

» Community Engagement
» Exerting Songhees Aboriginal Rights and Treaty Rights
» Protecting and Exerting Songhees Jurisdiction over Land and Resources
» Intergovernmental Affairs and Political Advocacy
» Representation at regional and national First Nation Leadership gatherings
» Representation on advisory and governance boards
» Economic Development
» Lawmaking and Policy Development
» Hiring and supervision of Director of Operations and Senior Finance Officer

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