The First Nations Lands Management Act and the First Nations Fiscal Management Act provide an opportunity to expand beyond the limits of the Indian Act.


Songhees Nation is recognized nationally for leadership in sectoral self-government and often called upon to share knowledge at regional and national gatherings.

The First Nations Land Management Act, 1999, is optional federal legislation to provide participating First Nations with the authority to make laws in relation to reserve lands, resources and the environment. Indian Act provisions relating to land management no longer apply to those with ratified land codes. The Songhees Land Code was passed in 2010.

The First Nations Fiscal Management Act, 2006, is optional federal legislation designed to promote the economic development of participating First Nations. Songhees Chief and Council chose to implement the First Nations Fiscal Management Act for the purpose of improving the Nation’s economy with access to capital, revenue-generating lawmaking authority and strong financial management systems.

Songhees joins other First Nations with Financial Administration Laws and Financial Performance Certification in pooled borrowing to access low-interest long term debenture bond financing for infrastructure projects.

 Songhees Nation is proud to have enacted the first Property Tax and Assessment Laws, the first Financial Administration Law and the first Taxpayer Representation Law in Canada under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act.

Songhees Nation received its Financial Management System Certification from the First Nations Financial Management Board on March 30, 2018. Songhees is among a small number of First Nations in Canada to achieve full systems certification under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FMA) for demonstrating good governance and financial management best practices.

Songhees Nation has enacted 11 bylaws under the Indian Act as an expression of local government jurisdiction and to promote safety and harmonious community living for Songhees members, residents and tenants. The Nation is in the process of transitioning all Indian Act bylaws to Songhees Land Code Laws.

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