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King Trash Owl

I never thought I would be attacked by an owl while I was digging through the trash. But there I was, in the dark, protecting my children from any further attack by this big, bony beast. I had a huge stick that I kept in the Jeep to poke the...

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My, myself, and I, and my pet turtle

So now, all we have to do is get something resembling good insurance, and then we can open our tortoise adoption center. Because, yes, that is something I need to do, too. In that time, I have learned many things about all that is involved with living in and running...

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Meadowlark singing against the house

The sounds of Old Tom slowly dying on the front porch, and bits of rusty tin fell from the collapsing porch roof into the yard, rolling down the hill and splashing in a pond. For some reason, in all this, the crows were silent, as if they were all dead,...

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