1502 Admirals Road: A Purpose-Built Rental Development for Songhees Community Members

The Songhees reserve land at 1502 Admirals Road has the potential to provide affordable purpose-built rental units for Songhees Community Members. It’s been more than a decade since new Member housing has been created, so this proposal represents an opportunity to bring Members home.

Grant Submission

As proposed, this is a grant-based, self-sustaining development that, if awarded, will be made possible by a federally-funded Rapid Housing Initiative. After several months of detailed planning and coordination with our experienced project team, we have now submitted two funding applications to CMHC.

Project Phasing

We have separated the proposed development into two phases, where Phase 1 will focus on the buildings located on the north side of the property, highlighted in yellow. The other two buildings will be contemplated in a future phase, at a date to be determined. 


In this phased plan, we have worked to minimize impacts to the tenants on the subject site (1502 Admirals Road) and neighbouring site (1500 Admirals Road), but as with any development, there are anticipated disruptions if this proposal is awarded funding to proceed. As we are still very early in the development process, we are now in the preliminary stages of developing our landscape management plan, which will then inform our construction management plan. 

The Rapid Housing Initiative evaluation and notification of the award is expected by early Summer 2023. In the meantime, the project team will proceed with site preparation activities so that we are prepared to begin construction if and when funding is received.



Please contact Songhees Nation at feedback@songheesnation.com.